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  1.        Measures  Be sure to obtain the apache_2.2.16-win32-x86-no_ssl MSI tech below: ()    Save the record for your Windows Desktop.  You'll visit a screen that appears like this:    Click radio stations option "I acknowledge the terms inside the license contract"    Around the next window, again press "Next>".    Make sure radio stations button "for many people, on port 80, being a support - recommended" is selected.    To the next screen, click the radio switch "Custom", and then press "Next>".    We're going to mount all of the deals and texts within the route D:ServerApache2 (assuming D: can be your major drive). The ending backslash is essential.  At this point, you must view a window that appears like this:    After the Apache installation application has concluded installing all of the records on your computer, you'll visit a remaining screen letting you know the installation was profitable.  Advertisement    Can you inform US about    Yes    Colour Hair    Can you reveal about    Yes    jewelry treatment    Can you inform US about    Yes    haircare    Can you reveal about    Yes    Self-improvement    Thanks for assisting!  ...  Remember, greater detail is way better.    Provide Details.  Do not bother about formatting! For instance:    Do claim: Add fats with a few nutritional value for the foods you presently consume.  Submit    You can also install XAMPP for a simpler Apache, MySQL, PHP bundle.
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